Welcome to my site lash babes, 

I am @lasheswithlala, a Mega Volume Eyelash Extension Technician located at my studio Wink Studio's in San Jose Ca.

Since I could remember I've always wanted to become a part of the beauty industry. I got my first start at 16 lashing for fun. I spent a lot of time practicing on my friends and family in order to gain as much experience as I could. Soon after some time there was a spark in my mind when I realized I could take what I enjoyed doing and make something out of myself. Ever since I began my lash journey, my life has truly changed for the best in so many ways. My gratitude is beyond comprehension, I've been pursing something I love for the last three years in which i've learned so much and yet this is still only the very beginning. It has taken so much trial and error to be where I am today. After many long days and nights surely my clientele became consistent and I got the opportunity to turn something i'm passionate about into a career. This is a career that supports me, allows me to have a flexible schedule to make time for my family and future endeavors

Your favorite lash fairy♡ 

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